The Liveyard builds real time high quality interactive characters and environments
for live shows, events, concerts, TV and immersive entertainment

With a combined 50 years experience in the highest levels of the film, event and broadcast worlds, we have created and been part of some of the largest and most visible productions worldwide. Our systems and workflows have been developed, tested and used throughout multiple industries in a myriad of scenarios and high-stakes productions.

Show Reel


Tailored Digital Assets Optimized For

  • Broadcast Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Sets
  • Virtual Production
  • Custom Modular Rigging
  • Clothing | Hair / Fur With Realistic Physics
  • Interaction With Live Elements
  • Optimized For Real Time Execution Even With High Polycont
Motion Design
  • Immersive Motion Graphics To Engage Audiences And Convey Messages Effectively
  • Motion Tracking And Scripting To Ensure Smooth Live / Virtual Interaction And Dynamic Visuals

Custom R&D

Real Time Graphics Custom Software Solutions

Interactivity Programming
  • Dynanic Motion Design
  • Event And Animation Triggering
  • Interaction Model Development (UI/UX) For Intuitive Control On Shooting Conditions
Data Driven Visuals
  • Integration With Live Data Feeds Like Weather Data, Scores, Lap Times And Other Dynamic Information
  • Implementation For Various Remote Control Platforms And Devices
  • Optimization For Real Time Performance On Diverse Hardware Configurations

Mission Control

Ensure Seamless Live Show | Shooting Execution

  • Camera Tracking And Lens Calibration
  • Certified On Various Systems Including
    Mo-sys And Pixotope
  • Chroma Key Setup | Set Extensions
  • LED Walls Operations | Set Extensions
  • Color Calibration For Seamless Blending Of Virtual And Real Elements
Data Flow
  • Data Management And Synchronization Tools
  • Video And Tracking Delay Calibration To Ensure Synchronized Video Live And Rendering