The Liveyard builds real time high quality interactive characters and environments
for live shows, events, concerts, TV and immersive entertainment

With a combined 50 years experience in the highest levels of the film, event and broadcast worlds, we have created and been part of some of the largest and most visible productions worldwide. Our systems and workflows have been developed, tested and used throughout multiple industries in a myriad of scenarios and high-stakes productions.

Show Reel

Content Creation

Tailored Creations Of Creatures, Environments, And Motion Design Digital Assets Specifically Optimized For:

  • Broadcast Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Sets
  • Virtual Production

Our Content Is Designed And Optimized:

  • To Be Interactive And Seamlessly Integrated Into Real-time Live Broadcast Contexts
  • To Operate Within Real Time Live On-air Or Live On Tape Broadcast Scenarios

Programming Expertise

Develop Real Time Computer Graphics Solutions, Including:

  • Interactive Programming
  • Integration With Live Data Feeds Like Weather Data, Scores, Lap Times And Other Dynamic Information
  • User Interface/experience (UI/UX) Development For Intuitive Event Triggering
  • Implementation For Various Remote Control Platforms And Devices
  • Optimization For Real Time Performance On Diverse Hardware Configurations

On Site Operations

Conducting Rehearsals To Ensure Smooth Show Execution:

  • Camera Tracking And Lens Calibration For Accurate Virtual Elements Integration
  • Deployment And Calibration Of Motion Capture Systems
  • Chroma Key Setup And Color Calibration For Seamless Blending Of Virtual And Real Elements
  • Video Delay Calibration To Ensure Synchronized Video Live And Rendering
  • Adapting To Various Show Contexts For Seamless Integration

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